What People Say !

 Feedback Courtesy of www.signsearch.com;

Everyone is thrilled with the work you did at the Container Store in Schaumburg !!  Emily M.

"We conducted a national re-brand for Reebok in all Dick's Sporting Goods stores across the US.  Of the over 100 companies used as sub installers, Mark at LaGrange was hands down the most professional and reliable installer utilized.  He performed the installs in multiple locations in multiple states on time, to our client's exact specifications.  He was patient and responsive to all our inquires while maintaining excellent lines of communication throughout all stages of the project."  Mike V.

I always call Mark for service we have in IL. He's honest & knowledgeable. I know I can count on him, he always goes the extra mile. We've formed a 'partnership' over the years that, I believe, has been mutually beneficial. I'd recommend this company to anyone interested in signage, whether it's service on existing or new signs.  Karen K.

 This company is always a pleasure to work with. They are very understanding to the customers needs, always on time and very reasonable in pricing. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.  Especially if your in a pinch and need to get the job completed according to the customers standards as well as being completed in record time! Let's not forget the communication level is SUPERB!  Kamara P.

"La Grange Sign is one of my TOP 5 installers around the country!  He's always on time, fair priced, attentive to any issues/needs my clients have, friendly, an overall pleasure to work with!"  Sharlene B.


"Service response and billing time is exceptional.  I highly recommend this company." - Christian R.

"La Grange Sign Co. has been one of the best sign companies that I have had the pleasure to do business with.  They have always gone that extra mile to make sure everything is done right the first time.  I will choose this sign company for all of my signage needs.  Mark & his company are the best people to work with."  Stephanie B.

"I've been working with Mark and La Grange Sign Co. for as long as I can remember and you couldn''t ask for a more attentive company.  His people are top notch, friendly, professional, and fast.  He and his crew always get the work done properly and as promised."  Jeff M.

"La Grange Sign Company is a pleasure to work with.  Communication is the key with this company.  Your product will always be their number one priority."  Shanna S.

 "We have been working with La Grange sign company since 2000 and without a doubt, they are one of our best service techs in the country.  We have roughly 1,100 service techs in our system."  Frank H.

 "I have been working with La Grange Sign Co. for over two years on various projects, but most notably with a tax preparation company with a condensed time frame on their sign program.  La Grange Sign Co. has always done an excellent job at meeting deadlines and going the extra-mile without having to be told.  On top of that, the job is done right the first time which saves a lot of hassle, and makes my clients very happy."  Brandon R.

"La Grange Sign Company has been a pleasure to use.  Customer Service is friendly and responsive.  Service on signs is excellent and within the established time frames requested.  Company representatives communicate effectively and immediately when there are issues to be resolved"  Ed K.

"VERY good sub, meets dates consistently."  John H.